In the early nineties I, Francine, started to do obedience with a german sheperd. It was during those competitions that I learned about the border collie. It's will to work and biddability made such an impression on me. It was in 1995 that the first border collie entered our home. From that moment I truly learned the character and the will to work of the breed and since then I've lost my heart to this fantastic breed : the border collie. I am proud of my border collies, they are my passion and they will stay that. I am therefor greatful for all the fantastic moments with them and for the many years of friendship and faith I've got from them ! They are part of the family and live in and around the house and not in kennels. I am also proud and honoured that I can share my passion with so many friends.

In 1997 I bought my first female border collie, Victory, with no plans to breed. But the breeder of my Victory, Nicole, had shown such a love and enthusiasm for her litter that I got the bug from her. Thank you Nicole for teaching me how to breed ( a litter ) and for giving me the desire to breed puppies of the highest quality. Also many thanks to everyone who let me have a puppie from their breeding.

In 1999 the first litter of " Van't Vlassenhout" was born. From that moment I will aim to produce quality puppies. All my border collies are officialy hip-scored and eye-tested. I only bred with those who have obtained HD A or HD B as a hipscore ( is also written on the pedigree) and following the conditions of the Belgian Border Collie Club. My aim is to achieve beauty without compromising : all my dogs have the capability to work so are ideal for all kinds of dogsports. Several border collies bred by me were part of Belgian Obedience Championships. On the other hand they are also very beautiful. In several breedinglines there are show champions. These show champions are here on the site written in yellow ( on the pedigree ). My own dogs are regularly shown in competition and always obtain the qualification " excellent".


Take your time to look around on my site Van't Vlassenhout and I've hoping that you find what you're looking for. Please contact me if you have any comments or questions. I hope you anjoy surfing this website.