Here are the current litters and the litters we planned in the future mentioned. Regularly you will be able to see new announcements and pictures.



Also a visit to the home is programmed ! An unique experience on pictures and movies. Click on the subject to see the pictures. These pictures are taken from different litters.

We want to thank the staff and all the nurses for their help and particularly Anja and Daisy !!
Visits to the rooms
returning homewards

We breed border collies from well thought through combinations and we want to have healthy, well-conformed dogs with an easy, biddable, outgoing character were will to work and beauty go together in harmony.
Our puppies are bred and raised with a lot of care and knowledge. To have an easy adaptation to their new home, we take advantage of the period where they are most open to learning. All the pups are raised in the house and we pay a lot of attention to their socialisation. This way the pups are confronted with as many different situations as possible : equipment of the kitchen/house such as radio, dishwasher, hoover,... and other noises that we made ourself. Besides this our puppies are confronted with obstacles specially designed for puppies. They are also socialised with our adult dogs, who also enter the house and they get used to the car ( incase they are going home). The main purpose for this is to deliver a qualitypuppy who will certainly fulfill all your expectations. With this purpose we are certain that your border collie will bring you great pleasure and satisfaction. We are willing to help you with each problem you may have as your puppy grows up.